Hi Swantv Viewer

 Here is Swansea we have UK news from several sources, the BBC, ITV, Sky being some. And we have the Regional news mainly broadcast from Cardiff but we have not had local, local news centering on the Swansea Bay Area broadcast direct from the centre of Swansea until now. 

There was Bay TV which was one of the 22 regional stations funded by the government and supported by the BBC but this lasted for a short time and didn’t really live up to expectations. The station has been taken over by That TV. 

“That’s TV” is a television company with about 10 local stations, broadcasting via Sky, Freesat and Freeview and even though regional news can still be found via these services, these channels simulacast the classic hits and television schedule of the national That’s TV channel for most of the day. That’s Television Ltd is owned by That’s Media Ltd, which is based in the north of England and as far as we can see local news is usually in the form of zoom interviews. 

SwanTV by contrast is managed by Swansea Business people with a tv studio in the heart of the city in Orchard Street. Our videographers are fully trained and using the latest equipment to produce broadcast quality video. Programmes are produced in the studio or outside and none are zoom interviews accept in exceptional cases. SwanTV believe in working with local individuals, businesses and community groups to produce the best local material. 

We are looking for presenters, interviewers, videographers, writers and performers and we can offer experience and exposure but currently have no funds for wages. So if you want experience, whether 5 or 50 hours a month then we should be your first stop. Come and join us, we work in a relaxed and enjoyable environment.

Currently SwanTV is available online through any device with a free app available on both Google Play or Apple Store for your smartphone, but we expect to be able to broadcast through Amazon and Roku in due course.

We are now producing a weekly chat show together with interesting videos on anything local and we seek out stories and peoiple who can join us on the sofa to talk about their story. We aim to start producing other programmes over the coming months including sport, cooking, motoring and the cost-of-living.

We plan to have a weekly local news roundup and believe we will be in a position to start this before the Autumn. We will be seeking out presenters and if you think you are a future Fiona Bruce, Huw Edwards, Sian Lloyd or Nick Servini then contact us. You don’t need experience, just a positive personality, we can teach you and we have tele-prompters to help you be professional.

The service we offer is free but we look to sponsors and advertisers to help cover the salary for our production team, studio and running cost which we beleive will be about £100,000 for the first year. You can also become a sponsor on our Patreon site for from as little as £3 a month, little more than the cost of a coffee today. With just 1000 sponsors then a third of our costs would be covered to bring you a continuing and improving service with programmes that you will enjoy. We will start this month to have additional material on the Patreon site to give you even better value. See us at  https://www.patreon.com/swantv. 
Remember, we are a not for profit organisation, unlike other media companies, owned by Swansea business people and nothing is paid to share-holders, all profits will be ploughed back into running the Station, investing in new equipment and support local community groups.

Look at the SwanTV website and you will see we are already making it happen. And thanks to your support, we will grow every month both in audience and content. So if you can help in any way please do so as advertiser, sponsor or supporter. Help us inspire the local community with our up-and-coming programmes. 

Enjoy viewing SwanTV


Mike Leahy