Plans to make Swansea one of the best cities in the UK for skateboard and wheeled sports are moving forward

Swansea Council has pledged to invest £1million into developing state-of-the-art facilities across the city, providing better opportunities for skateboarders, scooter riders, BMX lovers and inline skaters.

International skate park experts – Curve Studio, have been brought in to help develop the ambitious plans.

Over the last two decades, Curve Studio have worked with partners in London, Devon, Eastbourne, Northern Ireland and across Norway to create much-loved skate parks and BMX tracks. They have recently completed the most northern skate park in the world, in the Norwegian Arctic.

The team has already carried out a survey of existing skate facilities in Swansea, visiting 20 sites around the city, gaining a better understanding of the current provision.

More than 300 people also took part in an online consultation at the beginning of the year, which has helped the Council and partners – Curve, get further knowledge of the public’s views.

The latest phase of the project will now involve sitting down with representatives from the skate community to share findings from the previous surveys and to share ideas and proposals for new facilities.

A number of city leisure centres are now hosting two days of special discussion opportunities for the public to attend and talk to the council and designers more about the plans.

Kenneth Waggestad-Stoa from Curve Studio is a keen skateboarder and has been instrumental in designing skate facilities elsewhere in the UK as well as abroad.

Kenneth said: “Lots of work has already been done in partnership with the Council, allowing us to get a better understanding of what provision there is in Swansea for skate and wheeled sports.

“We also had a great response to the recent consultation with hundreds of residents informing us of their leisure habits in relation to wheeled sports.

“We’ve now reached the stage where we can sit down with stakeholders, community skate groups and others, to discuss our findings and talk through proposals.

“The key aim of this project is to develop a masterplan of skate facilities across Swansea, ensuring that all communities in the city are not too far away from high quality equipment, enabling everyone to have fun and hone their skills.”

Robert Francis-Davies, Cabinet Member for Investment, Regeneration and Tourism said: “We want to create some of the best skateboard, BMX and wheeled sports facilities in Wales.

“Curve Studio have an amazing track record for creating skate facilities all around the world and will work with the Council and with the skateboard and BMX communities, to develop a series of options, a strategy and support in the design of facilities that people will be proud of.

“Like us, they want to see the next generation of skate facilities in Swansea help harness the dedication and enthusiasm of skateboarders and BMX riders so that, whether it’s for fun, wellbeing or because they have aspirations of Olympic greatness, wheeled sports fans in Swansea will have somewhere to express themselves.”

Swansea-born Olympic BMX rider, James Jones is also backing the plans and thinks the aims of the Council could lead to the emerging of fresh young talent in the city.

The 29-year-old, who’s originally from the Sandfields area of Swansea, said: “BMX and skateboarding are already hugely popular, but they’re only going to get more popular in Swansea and elsewhere in the coming years, with both sports now featuring in the Olympics.

“It’s amazing that Swansea Council have recognised this and are setting aside quite a lot of funding for better facilities here.”

The drop-in sessions will take place at:

Penyrheol Leisure Centre on Tuesday 14 May from 11am – 3pm.

The LC on Tuesday 14 May from 6pm – 7.30pm

Morriston Leisure Centre on Wednesday 15 May from 5.30pm – 7.30pm.