Police and Crime Commissioner Elections on 2nd May

Police and Crime Commissioner Elections on 2nd May

On May 2, 2024, elections will be held in England and Wales for the positions of Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) and Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner (PFCC).

PCCs ensure that the community’s requirements are being met by the local police under their jurisdiction.

In Wales and England, there are 39 police districts that have a PCC. There is one commissioner for each area.

There are a bunch of duties for Police and Crime Commissioners. They:

Make sure the police force budget is spent effectively

Appoint the chief constables of the local police force

Engage with the public and victims of crime to help set police and crime plans

Work closely with the local council and other community organisations on these plans and projects


The following information about the candidates for this election will be accessible on the Choose My PCC website:


0300 1311323 is the phone number you can contact for any queries.


One ballot paper will be given to you. A list of PCC candidates will appear on the ballot paper. Voting for a single candidate will only be possible if you place a cross [X] in the box next to your selection. Whoever receives the most percentage of the vote wins.

Entering your postcode into our search will reveal the location of your neighbourhood voting place as well as the names of the people running for office there. Additionally, voting by proxy or by mail is an option.

Remember to carry your voting ID while going for voting.